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Thank you for your interest in joining us for this amazing first time ever Artist Retreat in this area.

Postponed until further notice.

(Please check back periodically for updates)

The potential cost for the Northern Visions Artist Retreat is $989.00 and that includes Accommodations, Meals, Workshops, Materials and Signed Photo Documentary Book of the week (these will be sent to you when they are finished)

The accommodations are very rustic and you will need to bring your own bedding, pillow, towel and facecloth.

There is space if you would like to bring a camper/trailer/tent.

If you want modern accommodations there are two motels available in White River – the Continental Motel and the White River Motel, this is the busy time of year for them so rooms would have to be booked soon.  If you choose to stay at one of the motels there would be an adjustment to the price, email for details.

Because this is the first time trying something like this, we have no idea what kind of response we will get.  We need at least 19 people registered and paid by June 1st in order for this to be a go.

Payment needs to be made by June 1st so that we can order supplies and let all our artists and the caterer know that it is a GO so that they can make their travel plans and purchase all the supplies needed.

We are in the process of setting up with Paypal so that you can pay online but before we start accepting people’s money we want to make sure that we have the minimum amount of people needed for this to actually happen.

If you would definitely like to come to the Northern Visions Artist Retreat please email us at  and as soon as we get 19 people who have said yes they definitely will come to this we will open up the paypal registration.  Please put Definitely Will Be There in the Subject line.

We now have a Registration Form

Fill out my form!  Register Now

Please click, fill in form and submit.  You should receive an email confirmation, if you do not please email:

Thank you for registering for the Northern Visions Artist Retreat

If you would like more information before you make up your mind please email us at  and put More Info in the Subject line and someone will answer your questions asap.

Please note – Paypal has a restriction of a maximum of $2000/credit card/90 day period. 

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