Crocker Lake

Crocker Lake is located approximately 10km west of White River (pop. 607) on Hwy. 17.

This site was originally built for the Lands & Forests (now MNR) Junior Ranger program.

On this site is kitchen and dining quarters, which can seat 50 people comfortably,  a washroom, shower and laundry facility, a bunkhouse that has 10 rooms with 2 beds in each and washroom/shower area, two cabins that have 6 beds in each, a classroom and a gazebo.  There is also a fire pit, dock, horseshoe pit, volleyball net and space for campers/trailers and tents.

This facility is still very rustic and you would be required to bring your own bedding, pillow, towel and facecloth.

This is a beautiful location in the midst of the White River forest.


Crocker Lake Entrance Sign

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